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Australia's leading oyster hatchery and nursery. Located in Cowell, South Australia next to the pristine waters of Franklin Harbour. Taking full advantage of exclusive hatchery access to these waters our oyster spat are 100% pure and organic. Grown for their shape and taste from the best genetics available.
Oyster Spat
Oyster trays in Franklin Harbour
Our exclusive three stage process combines the world's best practise hatchery and raceway system fed from the the pristine waters of the Franklin Harbour and finally grown and hardened in Franklin Harbour itself.

Franklin Harbour is measured as the world's best water for growing oyster spat.

We sell directly to you...

Eyre Shellfish - Large, fresh oysters from Cowell, Franklin Harbour, South Australia
We have stock available to you now. Living and growing in the pristine Franklin Harbour.

Do something special for your customers and buy Eyre Shellfish spat, which are known for their hardness, shape, quality and taste.
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